Saturday, 8 November 2014

Carrying Capacity

About a month ago I bought a Molle Carrier vest with which to replace the rather poorly functioning Bundeswehr harness I had been using so far. As with any Molle base, you can slap on all sorts of things that fit the standard, and that is exactly what I have done. At the moment I'm quite happy with the layout, since I can carry all I need and more, and the vest fits way better than the harness ever did.

Small utility pouch, radio pouch and triple mag pouch do the trick on the front

Dump pouch and large utility pouch on the back

Why is he blabbering on about his stupid vest you ask? Well, it was supposed to be game day tomorrow, but I just found out that it's again cancelled. Since I now have free time on my hands, and no reason to be up early tomorrow, I decided to cracked open a couple of beers and that's when it hit me.

What is the functional beverage carrying capacity of my current gear? I have no clue! There is no piece of information more important than this in the world at this moment. Being the curious sort, I just had to figure this out, and without further ado, here we go:

Saku is a nice lager style beer from our neighbouring Estonia

Starting with the obvious, the mag pouches, we are already carrying six

Radio? I don't need a radio, I can just mumble to myself

The radio pouch and the small utility pouch can only take two each

Turning the vest around, the large utility pouch can suck in up to seven cans!

Finally, the dump pouch (it's not cheating, damnit!) also takes seven

And here we are. It's still wearable!

Final tally: 

24 four cans of dynamically tasty tacticalness with which to achieve situational inebriation. Total weight is 11 kg, so I might not be running far, but at least I can always have a drink when I'm thirsty. And I'm feeling a bit thirsty right about now.

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