Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Compulsory Gift Season Post

I got a load of airsoft stuff for Christmas, and I can hardly wait to put it all into use. I got all of these from my SO, which makes her pretty awesome in my book! I did give her a few (ok, a lot) of pointers on what to get, but who cares. I'm over 30 already, it's not like I'm expecting surprise gifts the way I was as a kid. I get what I like and she doesn't need to worry if she's bought the right thing. Everybody wins.

Anyway, here we go:

Pictured above are

  • GFC MOLLE leg panel
  • GFC PASGT replica helmet
  • GFC Hard knee pads
  • AE 30x200mm silencer
  • BollĂ© Tracker II goggles, smoke lens
  • FMA RIS Vertical Grip
  • GFC Three point sling
  • DBoys G36 collapsible stock
  • APS Bird Cage Flash Hider
  • VB Li-Po Battery 7.4V 2200mAh 20C

I have no real idea what to do with the helmet or the leg panel, but they look pretty cool. The helmet is very light and thin, so it's not exactly a realistic replica, but it looks good enough and I'm sure it will keep my head from bumping into hard things well enough. The leg panel hangs from a belt and wraps around your upper leg with a band just like a drop leg holster. I have no clue what the bungee cord is for, though. You can basically slap anything with Molle straps on there. One possibility could be to use it as a very light loadout base, so a few mag pouches and a utility pouch might be good. We'll see.

The knee pads with the hard outer shell will definitely be an upgrade when compared to the soft ones I currently have. The soft ones are light to wear and easy to use, but rocky ground, for example, feels a bit nasty through the fabric.

The stock and the grip are going on the G36C. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the default stock is rather low so you don't really get a good sight picture with a cheek weld. The raised cheek piece on the new one should help with that. I also like the fact that this one is extensible so I can alter the ergonomics. The current front grip also feels too thin and long, so I'm hoping this shorter and stockier one will be a big improvement. A separate post concerning their installation is forthcoming so we can get back to the actual tech side of things.

The Li-Po will be going into the AUG to make sure the motor gets enough amperage. The silencer is also going on the AUG, once I get one more piece that I'm still waiting for.

I have been so happy with my clear Bollé goggles that I thought a pair with darker lenses would be amazing for those brighter days. Plus they look way cooler than the clear ones which is, naturally, the most important thing when you're out in the field.

The flash hider? I don't really know what to do with that, but it was cheap so I thought I'd get it anyway. I might slap that on the G36C as well just to alter the look a bit.

There were a few more things that I got but didn't take a photo of. There's a load of G&G bio pellets, a medical and an admin pouch for my vest and last but not least, an M4 magazine adapter for the G36C. That rifle will be the most specialest little gun soon, just you wait.

I'm off to play with my new toys now. I wish you happy holidays as well!

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