Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Less Scope Is More

Having never even fielded it, I came to the conclusion that the scope I had on the AUG was just overkill, plain and simple. 3-9X zoom and over 30 cm of length was too much for what is simply a DMR, not a dedicated sniper rifle. So I shopped around for a smaller one.

The old scope setup, for reference

Quite soon I found a short scope with the specs 4X32. The ocular is a bit smaller which possibly isn't ideal, but the whole thing is about half the length, which is great for handling.

Here we go, looking better already

The new scope came with high scope rings, and I after mounting I noticed that they were too high to use effectively. Luckily the larger scope originally came with lower rings, and since they have the same diameter, I went back to the allen wrench.

Better still

Today I also got word that the one part I'm still missing, and had already ordered and paid for, isn't available even from the manufacturer. So the wait continues. I though why not play around a bit while someone gets around to making that part, and so I slapped on the long suppressor I got for Christmas.

I'm definitely digging that look

The long suppressor does give it some more authority, even though it's simply a mock piece and does next to nothing. There's not even a longer inner barrel to hide. At least now it's noticeably longer than the G36C; there used to be only few centimetres of difference, which  I found rather amusing.

While digging around my toolbox, I also came across some interesting plastic-headed screws. I have no idea where they are from, but they fit the holes in the RIS assembly exactly, and since the holes are all the way through, I can use them to tighten the barrel into place. There are similar screws on the other side as well. Since I'm not using the rails that were there originally I thought I'd try something different. Maybe there's a bit of extra accuracy to be found there by eliminating some wobble.

Next up on my list, I got a new nozzle for this baby, this time made by Core. Unlike the SHS one in there now, it's completely smooth all the way through and seems to actually be longer than the SHS. I'm hoping that it'll fix the last of the compression issues I'm having. Stay tuned!

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