Wednesday, 3 December 2014

No More No Scope

Few days ago the scope and bipod I ordered a while back arrived. The scope came with scope rings, but they were much too low. As I mounted it on the AUG, I had to tilt my head sideways to be able to see through the scope. In no way was that ergonomic or natural. Today I bought new, higher scope rings and now it is perfect, the scope lines up with my eye instinctively.

I am loving the look of the AUG with the scope and bipod on

The bipod is a spring-loaded one with extending legs

The scope has variable (3-9X) magnification and a 40 mm eyepiece

The eye relief is around 7-8 centimetres
As soon as I get the new motor, I'm definitely putting the gearbox back together so I can finally start fielding this rifle alongside the G36C. It has been a long long project, but I think it will soon be finished.

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