Friday, 6 March 2015

New Arrivals

Hello again guys and gals! I know this blog has been as dead as a doornail for the past month or so, but it's about to change. The rapidly fluctuating weather and other business have seriously dug into my airsofting, so pretty much nothing has happened since the last update. I don't think I've even been to a weekend skirmish since the last post in January.

The spring, however, is not only in the gearbox but also around the corner (yes I know that's a horrible way to use these particular words), and thus I'm looking forward to reactivating in the BB shooty business. To help things along, I went and bought new stuff to play with. Yes, both in the field and on my workbench. I obviously have some pent-up punning in my system, sorry.

I have read so many praising words on reddit's airsoft sub about the Galaxy G.5 that when I saw it on sale, I just had to grab one for myself. It's a replica of the H&K MP5K PDW, and I just love it. I seem to have a thing for H&K guns, since I'm also drooling over the G3 and the HK416. When money decides to depart my wallet, you'll hear about it on this blog.

The Galaxy MP5 in question ended up offering more than I expected. The box not only contained the gun, hicap magazine, cleaning rod, charger and a battery as usual, but also some extras such as a second magazine, a speed loader and a carrying strap.

That's a lot of stuff for a gun that cost well under 100 euro 
In short, it seems like an ideal starter gun for someone wanting to get into the sport. For now, it seems and feels really great, especially for the price. I'll get more into the details and specifics in a future review post.

I couldn't obviously just get the gun, so I went all out by getting a bunch of extra MP5 mags (I never liked hicaps), mag pouches, a radio headset and PTT, some M4 magazines and a belt attachment for a Serpa holster I had bought for my P226 earlier.

MAG midcaps in the 90 round range. Got a great bulk offer for 8 mags and just had to take it.

Triple mag pouch attached to the leg panel I got for Christmas. Takes in 6 mags, staggered slightly here for easy access. I'm seeing in my mind a very light QCB loadout incorporating this for the coming summer.

Z-tac Bowman Elite II and Z-tac Peltor PTT. They work very nicely, although I had a short moment of panic before I realized I hadn't pressed the jack all the way into the PTT and thus wasn't hearing anything.

King Arms M4 midcaps (120 rd) with the Battleaxe mag well conversion kit I got for the G36C earlier. Will be writing about these a lot more once I install the kit and field the gun and magazines.
Last but not least, the non-brand belt attachment for a Serpa knockoff, here already attached to the authentic holster. I got the holster used, and it only came with the paddle attachment seen on the right. Hoping against hope, I bought the belt attachment simply based on the similar look of the holes, and luckily the copy job has been very accurate!

I think this is all for today. As I said, there's a lot more to come. I will be reviewing the MP5K in depth, doing the mag well conversion for the G36C, recounting my field experiences with it and the Z-tac headset and much much more! In the words of my spirit animal, Bender Bending Rodríguez: "I'm back, baby!"


  1. never tried the Galaxy G.5 as i heard some bad reports of them, i have a CYMA CM.041K Mp5k and it is amazing. they are great guns for CQB

    1. Well, so far I've only played with this gun once, but it performed admirably. Better than expected, I'd say. And as you surely saw on the other post, it could even run on a 11.1 V LiPo (well, for a short while), which was really surprising to me. I got it so cheaply that I just couldn't pass it by. Time will tell how long it holds together. I have to say I'm not 100% happy with the all plastic frame (the lightness and flexibility), so I might look into getting a metal bodied one, like the CYMA some time in the future.

    2. i might have to look into getting one myself to try, ive a tokyo mauri mp5k too and woul be cool to see how it compares. im surprised it held up on the 11.1v and the fuse didnt go. the Cyma body id a definite improvement. im considering putting my TM internals into the cyma body as it feels much sturdier and nicer in the hands.