Wednesday, 12 July 2017

DIY P90 Sling Adapter

The biggest milsim event in Finland is coming up again, and just like last year, I'll be part of the HQ staff. If there was a lesson learned from last year, it's that you need very little gear when you're sitting in a tent most of the time. As a result, I thought I'd take my latest project, the P90, with me.

Alas, the gun has no sling point to speak of. After a bit of research, I found some examples of how you can sling the gun. As it happens, I had previously saved some webbing and plastic buckles from a pair of trousers I had to discard. A thought occurred.

These bits would be turned into a sling adapter in what was to become my first tactical gear sewing project. Luckily, we have a sewing machine handy.

The first bit was simple, just sew the female buckle onto the webbing.

Next, I sandwiched the D-ring between the buckle and the two layers of webbing. I would rather have used a plastic D-ring, but this was all I had available (and I was eager to get going).

It took a few tries to get right.

The flip side is not the prettiest, but it works.

The top side looks quite nice for a first ever project.

The next step was to thread the webbing through the hole on the underside of the gun and tighten it so that when the buckle is closed, the webbing is tight.

The loose end could be pushed into the same hole.

It's not exactly Tactical Tailor quality, but it's mine. I'm pretty happy with this little project. With a single point sling, the gun hangs under my arm at exactly the spot where my hand reaches the grip instinctively.

Do you have any sewing projects you've done? Please share in the comments below.

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