Saturday, 27 September 2014

Is This What Addiction Is Like?

I have again been frequenting the airsoft subreddit and one thing they seem to really love and suggest as a good beginner's gun is the Jing Gong G36C. It just so happens the H&K G36C is one of my long time favourites in the world of assault rifles. It also seems like a good choice to utilize both in QCB and field situations. Truth be told, I've seen the airsoft version of G36C several years ago already and have been pining for one ever since, even if until now I haven't had any use for it at all.

Yesterday was spent checking out prices online and I found a pretty amazing deal. So, having slept on it, I've this morning placed an order for one plus four midcap magazines. A person needs two guns, right? Right?!

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