Sunday, 28 September 2014

Second Game

Today was my second game. We started an hour earlier than usual and trained urban assault tactics on a team level. The game location had a nice abandoned two storey industrial building so we could practice room clearing, taking stairwells and the like. Pretty cool stuff, although my mask made it pretty awkward. I need to be turning my head all the time to counter for the tunnel vision, especially to avoid tripping over things. During the game itself I was a bit cut out of the communications loop since most everyone else is using radios. Might have to get one myself later.

The AUG has some weird hop up problems. I don't seem to get very much range, even when I adjust it. It also doesn't seem to have very much power when compared with the guns others were fielding. I will have to investigate. Otherwise I'm pretty excited with the it with the angled foregrip and the reflex sight. It feels good to hold and target acquisition is quick. I think the sight is not quite zeroed in though, I'll need to zero it one day.

I also like the selective fire trigger. Half a pull gives you semi-auto shots, pulling it back all the way and it goes full auto, so no fiddling with a selector is needed. There's quite a bit more pull required for it to go full auto though, there might be something it's snagging on.

The one point sling I have seems to be a bit too long. It might have something to do with how far back the AUGs rear sling mount is sitting. When the gun is hanging down, even with the sling as short as it will go, I can't reach the grip even with my hand straight.

I also managed to shoot myself in the hand with a ricochet, simply because I didn't take into account the fact that the barrel is somewhat lower than the sight. So when I thought I was aiming out of a broken window, the barrel was actually pointing at the window frame. Oh well, you live, you learn.

Other than that, it was loads of fun again, and even the ricochet was funny after it stopped stinging.

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