Friday, 19 September 2014

My first game, finally?

A game is planned for this Sunday. Hopefully it actually happens this time. I'm ready, at least.

Yesterday I went to the attic to get some of my winter clothes since it's starting to be a bit chilly here, and stumbled upon an old pair of Mil-Tec shooting gloves that I though I'd thrown away. They're perfect for airsoft, even if the rubbery coating on the thumbs has worn off. I also picked through my collection of gas masks for a pouch that I might use as a dump pouch with some tinkering, and came across a suitable candidate.

My ingenious dump pouch

The pouch is just tied around the belt with it's own carrying strap. Not exactly tight, but works well enough. I still need to tie the lower strings around my waist or it will flop around.

The pouch is held open by a piece of thick steel wire bent into a 90 degree angle, threaded through the original pouch stiching on the corner. The outline of the wire is just visible through the fabric. It works well enough when trying it out at home.

I also visited a local airsoft store to pick up some BBs, gas for the pistol, a one-point sling for the AUG and a Pantac Triple M4 mag pouch. A local surplus store sold me a Bundeswehr Flecktarn camo uniform. I also have a black field cap and soft kneepads that I've bought some time ago. With these I should be pretty ready for my first game.

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