Sunday, 14 September 2014

So It Begins A Little Less Than I Thought

My very first game, the one I both anticipated and slightly dreaded, has been cancelled due to low participation numbers. Not letting the day slip away into nothingness however, my friend took me to a nearby airsoft site to test fire his three guns so I could at least get some kind of a feeling for all of it. With him he had two electric guns, an ASG AUG A3 and ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1, plus a WE Glock 17 gas pistol. We set up paper targets and fired away. I had never shot an airsoft gun before, barring some springer pistols in my youth. The feeling naturally didn't compare to real steel guns which I have shot occasionally, but there was some of the same excitement still present. And going full auto is never boring, of course! The gas pistol was also a pleasant surprise, as it had quite a bit of kick to it, and the realistic blowback action is very enticing.

After a few hours we packed up, with the AUG going home with me. We had discussed the possibility of me taking it off his hands, since he recently got the EVO and the AUG was basically just taking up space. So I took it home, fiddled with it as much as I dared and read up on it as much as I could. To buy it or not? I guess I'd need to get into an actual game and get the full experience before deciding.

So, this is what is asking me to throw some money at its current owner

There is lots of rail space on top. Rather conspicuously, the AUG is missing any kinds of iron sights, and the rail itself sits too low down to actually be usable as an aiming device. My friend had a holo sight mounted on the rail, but kept it for his EVO, so if I buy this thing I'll need to get some kind of a sight.

There certainly is no lack of accessory rail on this gun. The front end has a rail on all four sides. Also note the quick detachment sling mount,  removable simply by depressing the button.

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