Saturday, 13 September 2014

So It Begins

A friend of mine has been trying to get me into airsoft for a while now. He's been part of an active local group for about half a year and says that I could join too. I must say I'm a bit torn. On one hand it sounds like fun, but on the other it seems childish. I'm already over 30, after all. The last time I played with toy guns was more than 15 years ago. He's rather adamant that it's great fun, though, so I finally agreed to go out and buy some eye protection. Everything else, he says, they can lend me so I can test the hobby out before committing.

Like the complete newb that I am, I just walked into a local airsoft shop and let them know the situation. The words used were along the lines of "I need eye protection so I can try out this thing tomorrow". Perhaps worded less elegantly, but still. They sold me a mesh wire face mask and off I went, waiting for tomorrow with mixed feelings.

This is what 19 € buys you

Fashion statement of the year? And no, it's not the light, the whole thing is a bit crooked.

The two parts are held together by plastic pins and tabs and are easily separated so you can the goggles alone.

The mask attachment tab runs through the same opening you use to thread in the headband.

The whole thing comes with spare parts in a sprue not unlike on scale model kits. Handy if you lose any of the tiny bits.

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