Friday, 3 October 2014

Angled Foregrip Modification

Just a quick modification I did to the angled foregrip I have on the AUG. Due to the way the rail is constructed, there are obviously only a set number of spots where you can put the foregrip and still have the retaining screw go through.

Right now the foregrip sits a bit too forward for my tastes both visually and ergonomically.

It's not possible to move it towards the rear any further, since the edges of the foregrip touch the front edge of the receiver. To fix this, I decided that I'll cut small bits off the foregrip to make it fit.

First I measured the distance between the rail mounting nubs so I knew how far the grip will move back if I move it one step. Then I measured the distance front the current grip rear edge to the receiver front edge, and by deducting one from the other, I knew how much I need to cut off to make the fit.

I marked the bit to cut off with a pencil on the grip, and took my trusty Cotech multitool, planning to simply grind away the needed amount. The grit on the grind attachment proved too fine and the grip build material too sturdy, so I switched to a cutting disc.

With careful, slow cutting I soon had the necessary pieces removed.

Trying the now modified grip on, I was very happy my calculations worked as intended.

A very simple mod, but I'm happy how it worked out. The grip now sits about one centimetre further back and both looks and feels nicer.

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