Sunday, 12 October 2014

G36C Field Day

Another fun-filled game day behind me, I now have some first-hand experience of the JG G36C in action. I arrived an hour early with the friend who first got me into the hobby, in order for us to zero our sights. I could immediately tell there's a lot more power than there is on the AUG. The default hop-up seems to be doing its job quite nicely too, I'm getting great range. The short barrel of the G36C does seem to have some effect on the accuracy, so my shots aren't quite as consistent. I was expecting that, though, and the trade-off between accuracy and handling is more than acceptable in my opinion.

I know I complained about the distance between the bore and the sights regarding the AUG earlier, but this thing has it double. At one point I was pinned down behind some trees and rocks, and decided to crawl a bit to get to a better position. I manage to ninja my way forward about 5 metres and not be noticed. I get the drop on the guy that was suppressing me, but sadly as I took aim and fired prone, I only managed to shoot up some leaves and dirt in front of me. Naturally I got spotted by him and caught an expertly planted BB on the shoulder.

That is some serious distance ("Serious distance" defined scientifically today as "about 10 cm or so")

I called the hit, got up and started walking back to the off-game area. That's when I noticed my drop-leg holster with the P226 in it had twisted forwards around my thigh and had dragged along the ground as I crawled, netting me a nice collection of dirt, pine needles, twigs, leaves, squirrels, and other typical forest ornaments. Maybe it's time for a different holster? I'm starting to notice this hobby is very good at creating shopping needs.

Otherwise I was quite happy with the day. The G36C has some sideways wobble on its stock, but I'm thinking there's a pretty easy fix for it. I'm definitely stoked with my purchase.

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