Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday Night Throw-Down

It was supposed to be game day yesterday, but it was sadly cancelled. Determined not to lose the whole day, I borrowed the team chronograph so I could actually measure all my guns once and for all.

Nothing magical, really, I set up a cardboard box filled with a couple of pillows to catch the BBs and shut myself in the study so the cats would stay out of the way and be safe. I stood the chronograph up on a smaller box, gathered my guns and loaded one mag each with 0.20 g BBs.

I also had 0.25 g BBs which is what I normally use in games just for comparisons sake. And it's a good thing I did, because I got some interesting results.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the AUG has a ported cylinder whereas it should have a non-ported one. After shooting with the ported cylinder, I took out the gearbox, cleaned the outside of the cylinder and put a piece of thick foil and duct tape on top of it to simulate a non-ported cylinder.

In another post I mentioned that the G36C has a screw-adjustable power setting, so I tested it with both the maximum and minimum setting.

I shot around 10 shots per each gun and BB weight and calculated the average. The results of my shots are collected below.

Gun 0.20 g 0.25 g
AUG ported 93 m/s (305 fps)  74 m/s (243 fps)
AUG non-ported 97 m/s (318 fps) 87 m/s (285 fps)
G36C min 109 m/s (356 fps) 96 m/s (315 fps)
G36C max 125 m/s (410 fps) 106 m/s (348 fps)
P226 91.5 m/s (300 fps) N/A

I find most curious how the AUG performed with the ported and non-ported cylinders. The ported seems to give very very different muzzle velocities dependent on BB weight, whereas with the non-ported (well, jury rigged) there's a much less noticeable difference between the BB weights. It's still underperforming a lot when compared with the other rifle. Even on the low power setting the G36C wipes the floor with the AUG, not to mention when turned all the way up. So does the green gas powered P226.

At least the new nozzle is making an obvious difference on the AUG, which was shooting so poorly in the beginning. Still, I'm looking forward to finally getting the spring and the new cylinder. They should finally make the AUG perform the way it should. I'm thinking I might make it into a Designated Marksman Rifle just to see how that works out.

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