Wednesday, 29 October 2014

AUG Magazine Feed Improvement

My AUG magazines are made by King Arms, and occasionally they will stop feeding because the BBs get jammed between the follower and the magazine inner wall. I read about this fix somewhere online and decided to try it. This should work on other manufacturers' magazines as well as long as they are made the same way.

The main problem, by my understanding, is that the follower shape doesn't stack the BBs evenly into two rows, so they get stuck occasionally when there are only few left and the magazine spring is beginning to be extended to its full length (and is thus pushing the BBs only weakly).

To get to the follower, I opened up the end cap of the magazine. A simple half-twist with a flat-head screwdriver did that trick.

The spring popped out partly from the magazine and I could then just pull the rest of it out. Good thing I wasn't looking at it from too close up or I would have been hit in the face.

The default follower has a rather angular shape so the BBs can go on either side of it in the feed chute.

The desired result was a follower that has a clearly slanted surface shape. Using a rotary tool with a grinding attachment, I took material off slowly, until I was happy with the shape.

After this there was not much to do apart from reinstalling the follower and spring. Easier said than done, though. There's quite a bit of spring to work into the gun and there's definitely some finessing involved in getting your fingers out of the way and still being able to screw the end cap back in place.

Definitely not what I'd call a tight fit here between the follower and the feed chute. I guess this is part of the problem.

A bit of fiddling later I had the end cap back in place and the follower showing at the top.

Some quick testing would seem to show that this is an improvement (or at least it doesn't make it worse). I'll have to try it out in a game situation to see how well it actually performs, but it's looking promising. I've only modified one of my four magazines like this so I can compare how they work.

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