Thursday, 2 October 2014

G-hop Mod and New Goggles

Like I said in yesterday's post, I broke the AUG's hop-up bucking. Today I got a new one from a local shop, and also decided to buy goggles... somehow. As I've said before, the mask is not ideal since you lose so much peripheral vision. Now I have a pair of clear BollĂ© Tracker II goggles. They fit nicely and do not limit my vision basically at all. They come with a bag, cleaning rag and an elastic band that connects to the temples.

G-hop Mod

I'll preface this by saying that I've used this G-hop installation video from Youtube user TopHatRunner as a guide to building my G-hop, so all credit goes to him. I'm mainly paraphrasing it below.

If you're doing this mod, you'll need the following:
  • an extra hop-up bucking
  • a sharp knife (x-acto or similar)
  • small file or sandpaper
  • superglue
  • (optional) tweezers
  • (optional) toothpick for spreading the glue


This guide only applies to the AUG regarding the hop-up unit removal, otherwise it's standard for any AEG as far as I know.

To start, remove the barrel with the hop-up unit.

Remove the hop-up unit clamp to release the unit.

Remove the hop-up unit by gently pulling and twisting at the same time. Make sure the hop-up bucking does not get caught in the unit.

With the hop-up unit removed, gently pull off the hop-up bucking.

Gently turn the bucking inside out, beware of tearing it. You can use a blunt tool, such as a hex wrench, to help you.

With a sharp knife, cut off the excess of the nub on the inside of the bucking. Finish off with a file or sandpaper until you're flush with the rest of the surface.

Repeat the above with the ridge on the opposite side, and place the bucking aside.

Take the other, extra bucking, and cut out a patch that just covers the window on the end of the barrel. If you make it too small, you can't glue it on properly. If this happens, simply cut out another patch.

Apply a thin coat of superglue on one edge of the window. Use a toothpick or similar to spread the glue. Place one end of the patch onto the glue. Tweezers are a great help at this point. Once the glue is set, apply a similar thin coat on the other edge of the window and glue the other end of the patch on.

Once the glue has set, simply turn your modified bucking back right side out, and slide it back onto the barrel. Make sure the ground down bits are on the sides of the barrel, and not on the patch you glued on.

Take your hop-up unit and adjust it all the way off. Reinstall the hop-up unit in the same manner as you removed it, and install your barrel back on.

Test shoot to see the effects. You will most likely need a lot less hop than you've used before, since the contact patch in the barrel is larger. If you're seeing your BBs veer off the either side, your hop-up unit is likely tilted to one side. Remove your barrel and adjust.

I'm getting great range and consistency with this rather simple hop-up mod, hope you will, too.

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