Monday, 6 October 2014

G36C - The Arrival

So, the G36C and magazines came in the mail today. What can I say, I'm already in love. I know it's beyond ridiculously silly, but ever since first playing Modern Warfare, this gun has had a special place in my heart.

There she is! The gun is a JG G36C, 3rd generation. The magazines are D-Boys midcaps and hold around 100BBs each. Not pictured is the 1100mAh mini-type NiMH battery it ships with. Battery compartment is in the front handguard.
The gun feels really solid for a plastic framed piece, and it has some serious weight to it. The stock folds to the side and snaps back in place nicely.
Magazine release is the paddle-type, similar to the MP5 and AK series, for example.

The rear sight is adjustable with windage adjusted by the hex head screw (2.5mm) on the side, and elevation is controlled by an identical screw on top.

The hop-up adjustment is accessed by pulling back the charging handle. The tilting plastic tip seems prone to snapping off, though.

Once pulled back, the charging handle head can be dipped down for easier hop-up adjustment. I don't know if this is by design or not, but it's handy.

Charging handle held in place, the hop-up adjustment wheel visible through the opening
One of the coolest features is a 2.5 mm hex head screw at the back of the gearbox which you can access by folding the stock. It allows you to set the power of the gun for both QCB and field conditions. Screw in for more power and out for less.

The adjustment screw is just out of sight inside the hole at the back of the gearbox
The attention to detail is remarkable. Even the bolt release from the real steel original is modelled, though it is non-functional.

Bolt release button inside the trigger guard, front of the trigger
The gun comes with one short accessory rail under the handguard.

There are attachment points for extra rails on both sides of the handguard as well
The D-Boys magazines are a slightly tight fit, but with some use they fit in very well. I don't think any filing or sanding is necessary, just practice your mag change a couple of nights and you're set. That's what normal people do on normal nights, right?

You can just about see where the magazine connects with the magwell and the slight scuffing that's left behind after some furious reload drills
Perhaps the only downside I can think of at this point is the fact that with a proper cheek weld, you don't really get a sight picture at all, because your eye will be so much lower than the sights.

This is pretty much the view you're greeted with when your cheek is on the stock
I'm definitely fielding this baby the first chance I get. Since the AUG is under performing so horrendously, I'm making this my number one gun, at least until the AUG is back in action.
I moved the reflex sight over to the G36C, and am trying out the vertical grip that I got with the AUG. It never really fit on there, but here it seems a lot better. The cheek weld problem is naturally further emphasized with the reflex sight since it sits even higher up, but at least you don't need to align two sights, it's enough to see the reticle.
I wish it was game time already.

Cool and collected

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