Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hard To Port!

As I wrote just a few days ago, I opened (and reassembled) the AUG gearbox for the first time. I wish I'd left it disassembled, because I just found out that one further reason I'm getting such a sucky amount of power is that it has the wrong kind of cylinder for its barrel.

The air volume of the cylinder should match or exceed the volume of the inside of the barrel, as far as I've understood from reading things online. Since all (well, vast majority) cylinders are the same length, the way to reduce the effective volume is to cut a hole (or port) to the side of the cylinder so the air escapes until the piston passes that spot.

You can refer to this chart I found on the Airsoft Society forum if you're interested in the different types.

The AUG has a very long barrel, 509 mm. That is matched with a solid, i.e. non-ported cylinder. What has been used on the JG assembly line (I recently found out that ASG AUGs are JG manufactured rebrands), however, is a 3/4 ported one, which has a lot less volume, so the air pushing the BB along the barrel "runs out" before the BB has exited, resulting in loss of power.

I've ordered a new cylinder, so now I'm again patiently waiting for a delivery. And I will need to do battle with the gearbox again.

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